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Pump Start-up surge, Valve closure shock, Pump shutdown back flow bang.
Large vessels for high pressures with matching bladders, diaphragms, gas bags, and bellows, for over a third of a century.

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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

PisOlator by ShockGuard

PisOlator Diaphragm Seals / Pressure Instrument Isolator

With a Diaphragm seal, the pressure of corrosive liquids can be measured or recorded using instruments that are made from standard low cost materials. A diaphragm seal separates the corrosive fluid from an inert fluid that actuates the pressure indicator instrument.

Diaphragm Seal / Pressure Instrument Isolator

Diaphragm seals enable the use of standard low cost measurement and control instruments. Diaphragm seals isolate pressure instruments from aggressive, corrosive, flammable, pyrophoric, and carcinogens or other dangerous fluids. The ShockGuard PisOlator diaphragm seal saves the use of pressure instruments made from exotic materials.

PisOlator Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm seals enable the use of standard low cost measurement and control instruments.
A transfer barrier enables the pumping of one fluid to produce pressure in another liquid without the mixing of the two.
See also: JumboGuard for Transfer Barrier.


A diaphragm seal is a flexible membrane that seals and isolates an enclosure. The flexible nature of this seal allows pressure effects to cross the barrier but not the material being contained. Common uses are to protect pressure sensors from the fluid whose pressure is being measured. Diaphragm seals (aka chemical seals) are also used to protect a process fluid from the pressure sensor.

Examples of use are: Sanitary processes (food, pharmaceuticals, etc.) where allowing process fluid to accumulate in the pressure port of the sensor would compromise the purity of the fluid (such as milk getting into the pressure port of a pressure gauge and spoiling). Very pure process fluids, where the metal surface of the pressure sensor might contaminate the fluid (such as copper ions from brass leaching into ultra pure water). Pneumatic systems where small changes in pressures must be eliminated, such as those controlling air bearings.


Shock Alleviators
Water Hammer and Pipeline Surge / Shock Alleviators
STOP Pump start up surge, Valve closure shock, and Shut down back flow water hammer.
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Understanding Pipeline Surge / Shock Alleviators
Shock alleviators and shock accumulators do not alleviate shock, nor do surge alleviators and surge accumulators alleviate surge. SurgeGuard, JumboFlex, and Floatolator all work in the same way. They provide a soft place, so that the pump does not have to instantly accelerate all the liquid in the pipe system when it starts. Similarly, they provide a place into which flow can continue, for a time, against increasing resistance, when a a valve has been slammed. In both cases, because time has been increased, peak pressure generation is decreased. In short, they all prevent the peak pressure from being generated. / Shock Alleviators

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