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Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1:
What is the benefit of having the liquid outside the gas bag, because then I have to pay for a pressure vessel shell that is made out of corrosion resistant materials, if I do not trust the epoxy internal coating?

The alternative to liquid outside the gas bag, is to have the liquid inside the gas bag, see SurgeGuard; unfortunately preventing the liquid containing bag of a SurgeGuard limits its use to applications that only require a low pre-fill pressure inside the shell.

Question 2:
What bladder materials* can be used in the Jumboflex type unit?

If you would care to visit and go to Pulsation Damper Elastomer Availability broadly speaking all of these elastomers can be used for bladder material in the ShockGuard JumboFlex Range of water hammer and shock alleviators.

Question 3:
If the liquid is OK with all materials, rubber, carbon steel and stainless, which would be the better unit to go for - the JumboGuard or the SurgeGuard or is it just down to what I can fit in the system?

JumboFlex is better.

Question 4:
If I really wanted could I have a JumboFlex made of all stainless steel?

Yes, JumboFlex can be all stainless.

JumboFlex Shock Attenuator for Non-Corrosive Systems

Typical "Jof cs" Series Shock Attenuator, Epoxy coated carbon steel housing + EP, Nitrile, Hypalon, Fluorel etc bladder. For non corrosive systems.

JumboFlex Shock Attenuator for Non-Corrosive Systems

Download the PDF here.


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* We do not hold ourselves out to be corrosion or compatibility engineers.